Interference is a little experiment: a short film about film itself. It demonstrates how technical aspects of filmmaking can have a significant impact on the message and strength of a film’s plot. By changing these technical aspects – such as colorgrading, (sound) compression and aspect ratio – the story itself is influenced, turning the life of protagonist Maarten into a struggle.

Tim Guiking

Director, production, camera, edit, post-production

Guillaume Souren

Camera, production, lights

Lars Henderiks


Lydia Wingbermühle

Production assistant


Fabio Keerssemeeckers

As 'Maarten'

Naninca Lemmens

As 'The Girl'

Toon Vis

As 'God'

Maarten Brorens

As 'The Devil'

Léanne Vreuls

As 'The Waitress'