Zwart, met Suiker

An intimate night at a highway hotel is roughly disrupted when a love triangle reaches its climax.

‘Zwart, met Suiker’ is a short film created in 10 weeks, by 4 students of the Zuyd Academy of Fine Arts and Design (Maastricht, The Netherlands) and the Zuyd Hogeschool Communication & Multimedia Design (Maastricht, The Netherlands).

// WINNER ‘Best film’ – Utopia Filmfestival, Amsterdam
// Official Selection – Chelsea Film Festival, New York
// Official Selection – Shortcutz, Amsterdam




Vincent Konings


Guus Meuwissen


Guillaume Souren

Production / Lights / Grading

Tim Guiking

Editing / Audio


Sergio Simbula

As 'Arthur'

Inge Snijders

As 'Emma'

Reitse Beek

As 'Yves'

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